Notorious criminal Martha assassinated

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Hard criminal, Gwenette Martha, was executed in Amstelveen on Thursday evening, the police reports. According to witnesses, he was shot ten to 15 times by three men.

"I heard shots, and at a certain moment... it was just flashes of light. I heard from a friend of mine that there were people in balaclavas and it sounded strange. It was really loud and it really went bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang", a witness told the AT5.

Police found an escape vehicle burnt out in Diemen later in the evening. According to the police, the suspects may have transfered to another vehicle at that spot.

Martha is a notorious criminal in the underground drugs world of Amsterdam. He has been connected to an execution in Antwerp by the police.

He escaped a prison in 2008 in Heerhugowaard. He was incarcerated for drug trade, abuse and forgery. He was arrested again a year later.

There have been assassination attempts on Martha in the past. In December, he escaped death because his assailant's weapon jammed.