Girl dies in softball dugout roof collapse

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A 10-year old girl from the primary school De Bernebrêge in the Frisian Surhuisterveen has passed away on Wednesday after the roof of a dug out on a sport field collapsed. The girl died from her injuries in a hospital. 

Another child from the same class is still in hospital with serious injuries. Three other classmates were lightly injured and are also still in hospitals in Groningen, Leeuwarden and Dokkum, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

The accident happened in the sport part De Moune in Twijzel during the annual softball tournament for children. Around 1000 kids between 6 and 12 years old took part in the event.

It is unclear how the dugout collapsed. Whether it was the possibly deteriorated state of the structure, weather circumstances or if there were children standing on top of the roof is not known, but will be investigated.

Mayor Gerben Gerbrandy of Achtkarspelen, the municipality to which Twijzel belongs, spoke of a "black day in our community" Wednesday evening. According to the mayor, emergency services were quick to respond.

The mayor expressed his sorrow for the girl's family, and wished strength to the family of those children still in hospital. "A beautiful sporting day comes to a grievous close. It was and is a drama", he said.