Murderers, rapists escape Curaçao prison

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Two hard criminals convicted or murder and rape, escaped the SDKK prison in Willemstad, Curaçao, on Thursday. They overpowered, abused and subsequently bound two guards before making a run for it. 

One of the escaped convicts is a 26-year old man who has to serve a 24-year sentence for a double murder. The other is 23 and sentenced to nine years for the rape of three women in 2012. Two of his victims are Dutch.

The man convicted of murder also successfully escaped from prison in 2009. He was found a month later.

A manhunt is in full swing on Curaçao. Five members of the Marine Corps are also aiding in the search. "When a group of men jumped over a wall, for example, we can see in the disturbed earth how many there are, what kind of footwear they have on and which way they then went" a spokesperson for the Corps says. "They always leave tracks and we are specialized in finding and following those."

Prison guards first announced that four people escaped, but this now seems to be two.