No tent camps for asylum seekers planned

Although there has been a large stream of asylum seekers coming into the Netherlands over the last weeks, there is no shortage of shelter. Tented camps in cities will not be necessary to house the masses of refugees. 

The Central Body for Asylum Seekers (COA) announced Thursday that they can place pavilions near the existing asylum seeker centers if necessary, which are simple to erect.

Recently, around a thousand refugees have been entering the Netherlands every week. Up until recently, there were a thousand per month. "We have never experienced these proportions", a COA spokesperson said. The government is suspecting human trafficking to have a hand in it.

The Royal Military Police (Marechaussee) is doing everything it can to stem the flow, and are installed where intelligence suspects the presence of refugees. "The largest amount of the asylum seekers from Eritrea try especially to enter our country via the southern border of the Netherlands", said Alfred Ellwanger of the Marechaussee.

"That is why we have placed the biggest part of our capacity of our mobile controls there now. That is the benefit of mobile controls. We can move quickly with them."