Radio DJ goes for record-long broadcast

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Giel Beelen, DJ for 3FM, started this morning with his attempt to beat the world record for radio broadcasting. He has to keep presenting for 190 hours straight, which amounts to almost eight days. "I am going to make the best radio in the world", Beelen (39) says. His attempt comes at the 10-year anniversary of his radio station's existence. The current record belongs to Flemish DJ Lennart Creël, who set it two weeks ago. To make the record attempt possible, Beelen's colleagues will take his show into their own shows as a kind of sidekick. The studio has been fitted with special lights, so Beelen can stay awake more easily. The DJ has the right to five minutes of sleep per hour, which he can save up to sleep several hours every other day. There will also be medics available to keep his blood pressure in check.

Time spent outside the studio will be taken off his rest time. This is why there is also a shower inside the studio. Guinness also made the rule that one track can only take two to six minutes to play. "So no Stairway to Heaven, then" Beelen said this morning.