Fortuyn's party in Rotterdam coalition

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The next Rotterdam city council will be governed by a coalition of D66, CDA and populist party Leefbaar Rotterdam. It marks the first time Leefbaar Rotterdam has been a coalition member since the murder of charismatic party elder Pim Fortuyn twelve years ago. Leefbaar Rotterdam leader Joost Eerdmans announced the news on his Twitter feed early this morning. He said the coalition agreement will be unveiled later today.

The three parties reportedly reached an agreement in principle a few weeks ago, and have been working in recent days to shore up final details. Broadcaster RTV Rijnmond says the coalition will focus on cutting down the size of Rotterdam’s city government, while reducing the budgets for poverty assistance. The result will lead to a smaller number of qualified applicants for municipal benefits assistance, the broadcaster said. Unnamed sources close to the negotiations have told Nos that the money saved will be invested in safety and education. Cuts to cultural activities are not expected. Six aldermen will come from Leefbaar Rotterdam, led by Eerdmans, with two D66 aldermen joining current CDA councilman Hugo de Jonge. Despite being the largest party on the council with eight seats, PvdA fell one seat short of making a majority without the need to work with another party.