Untamed fire in Poeldijk spreads

A big fire raged in four company buildings in Poeldijk on Sunday. The buildings were laid to ruin, and the fire, which broke out in the evening, is still not under control according to a spokesperson for the fire department. Attempts to extinguish it could still go on for several hours. 

Nobody has been reported as injured, however harmful substances have come free in dangerous concentrations.

The fire department was busy late into the night to prevent surrounding buildings and homes from catching fire. Residents have been evacuated and a home that was earlier reported as ruined is still intact, and being kept wet.

The fire started in the plant nursery Quick Plug at around 8 p.m. The nursery shares the building lot with three other companies which have all been affected. According to the owner of Quick Plug, mostly plastic pallets for plants are kept in the building. The thick dark smoke coming from the building were visible for miles around.

According to a fire department spokesperson, burning bits of plastic are floating in the air, which caused for more problems. A bit of plastic came down in a pasture, causing it to catch fire. Some of the pieces were brought to the Netherlands Institute for Public Health (RIVM) to investigate how harmful the plastic is.

Police are warning people not to approach the area of the fire, and if they have already done so, to go home immediately. Some roads have been closed to keep people at a safe distance. Canal traffic has also been halted. It is unclear what started the fire.