Fortuyn killer's neighborhood nervous about his release

Volkert van der G.

Volkert van der G. is set to be released from prison on Friday, the 2nd of May, 12 years after he killed politician Pim Fortuyn. His old neighborhood in Hardewijk is very nervous that he will come visit his girlfriend and their daughter, and will bring nefarious characters to their neighborhood who have been threatening him on the internet. 

An elderly woman who lives in the same area where Van der G. planned the murder in 2002 tells the Algemeen Dagblad: "The district officer came by and said that I should not open the door if the bell rings." This is not because it might be Van der G., but because there are a bunch of people on the internet who have been anonymously putting the word out there that Van der G. should watch his back.

The neighborhood is now preparing for the possible visit of Van der G.'s 'enemies'. Since he was allowed a trial release, the 44-year old environmental activist's address can be found everywhere on the internet. Only his house number is wrong.

"That's why we have had our name painted on the front door in big letters", another neighbor says, so that Van der G.'s opposers know that she lives there with her husband and her two kids and not Van der G. "I'm holding my heart for Friday. Maybe I'll leave for a day with the kids" the neighbor says.