WWII gun dug up after 74 years

A Dutch carbine rifle from the beginning of the Second World War was dug up in the forest near Leersum on Heuvelrug in Utrecht after being buried for 74 years. The weapon will be given to a museum, the Forestry Commission reports.

Albert Veldhorst, now almost 90 years old, is the one who buried the gun during the War, the Telegraaf reports. In 1940, Albert witnessed a fleeing Dutch soldier throw away his equipment.

Not wanting the German invaders to get their hands on the gun, he buried it in a pasture on the farm where he was living at the time.

Albert and his 83-year old brother never forgot what happened, and enlisted the help of a park ranger to find the spot on the farm where they buried the equipment. That spot is now overgrown with trees.