"Quadruple murderer" is Ajax bodyguard

A notorious criminal has had a bigger influence on football club Ajax than previously thought. Martin van de P., alias Polletje, seems to be taking on somewhat of a bodyguard role with Ajax players that sit in the tribune or visit the supporters home. According to the Telegraaf, ex-Ajax player Andy van der Meijde sometimes makes use of Polletje's 'security services' as well. 

It also appears that Martin van der P. is often part of the meetings within the football club, however Ajax denied that this week. Policemen were present at least one time during these meetings as well, who realized that they were sitting at the same table as someone who has been convicted for involvement in a quadruple murder case.

Van de P. was sentenced to 15 years for his involvement in four murders in the sex club Esther in Haarlem. Since this week, Martin van de P. is the subject of an investigation that is posing his involvement with the throwing of fireworks on the football field in the Kuip in Rotterdam.

Police are investigating the club's hard core, which includes Van de P., to determine whether they telephonically ordered the fireworks to be set off prematurely from inside supporters buses that arrived late. They hoped to still be able to witness the match by doing this.

Amsterdam's police has felt uneasy about the fact that this convicted killer fills such a prominent role with Ajax. He acts as bodyguard for injured or suspended Ajax players who visit the supporters benches during games. In some cases, other supporters who wanted to be in the photo with players were pushed away roughly by Polletje.

He also has the tendency to behave violently in the supporters home, and Ajax supporters who earn money on merchandising are pressured to release part of the proceeds. Polletje is still the subject of an investigation into a fatal shooting that happened in Badhoevedorp after a possible drug war. The brother of drugs criminal Mrtin H. died during this shoot-out in 2012.