Heracles bans some Ajax fans

All members of Ajax support group Vak 410 are not welcome at the Sunday game between Ajax and Heracles. The leading team of the eredivisie has announced to fans that they have been banned from the possible champions game at Almelo. 

Ajax has decided that about 400 members of the rowdy fan club will not be welcome in Almelo. During the cup final against PEC Zwolle in De Kuip, they were sitting close to the places where fireworks were set off from.

The club made the decision on Thursday to block entry to all fans from Vak 410 to the game on Sunday. Some of these supporters were not present at the cup final in De Kuip. As a punishment for the actions of the hooligans last weekend, the entire Vak 410 group is being held responsible. "Moreover, this season all the necessary thinks have happened with this group", says a spokesperson of Ajax.

The several-thousand strong support group is known for singing 90 minutes straight, no matter the score. In the ArenA, the fans have the position in a corner on the second circle, across from the fanatic F-side. Vak 410 already apologized after the incidents in De Kuip. The police is still looking for the culprits of the fireworks incident.

If Ajax scores one point more than Heracles in Almelo, they will become champion.