Unsolved: Psych clinic manager murder

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Police in Berkel have disbanded the investigative team that was looking into the murder of psychiatric clinic manager Rob Zweekhorst, who was shot dead on New Year's Day. Investigators were unable to crack the case, leaving the victim's family members in shock, the AD reports.

Zweekhorst's brother says the family is very disappointed by the bad news. The family was still hopeful when police seemed to be gathering details and even said it might be a case of mistaken identity, with an idea of the intended victim. Now that hope is gone.

Rob Zweekhorst was 44 years of age and was married with two children. He was shot close to his home on the 1st of January while walking his dogs.

The only concrete information the police have been able to establish is that the shooter was waiting for the man in the Dokkumerstraat, and fired several bullets at close range. Reanimation attempts by emergency staff did not work.

The investigative team in this case was made up of around 20 investigators. Diverse scenarios were thought up, but nothing in the
man's private or professional life served as a clue to justify the murder.

In the end, the police pursued the mistaken identity theory, in which Rob Zweekhorst was shot by accident. In this scenario, the
investigators were able to narrow the suspected victims down to a man, also from Berkel, who was already known by the police due to property crimes and who also looked like Zweekhorst. This theory did not go much further, however.

Even though Zweekhorst's family is distraught, they are thankful for the investigative effort, and hopes that the team will continue to look for the culprit.


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