Boy, 16 dies; overheated frying pan

A 16-year old boy has died in Veenoord, Emmen, after leaving a frying pan on the fire for too long on Saturday night. 

The frying pan was old fashioned, police say, which was "bubbling on the fire of the stove." Carbon monoxide was released, which caused the boy to suffocate. His body was found Sunday morning.

The boy was staying in the home of family members, where he came often. The residents were not home at the time. When one of the family members came home on Sunday morning, he saw that "the windows were full of soot" and that there was a lot of smoke in the house.

The fire department entered the home and found the body. It is not clear how long the boy had been dead. It was a fatal accident, and the police are not pursuing it as a crime, so there will be no further investigating.