Rare Bronze Age bracelet found in NL

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An amateur archaeologist has found a bracelet from the Bronze Age (1000-800 B.C.) in Limburg. Bracelets from this period in human history are very rare, and none have ever been found in The Netherlands. Usually, Bronze Age artifacts are found in Belgium or France. The man found the bracelet on a plot of land in the municipality of Echt-Susteren after a search that has lasted years. In total, he pulled 85 pieces of bronze out of the earth including bracelets, rings, beads and wire in spiral form. The objects fell into the ownership of the Limburgs Museum last year.

The Museum is theorizing that the objects were laid in the earth as offerings or to keep them out of enemy hands. It is not clear if the piece of jewelry was indeed used as a bracelet, it could also have been worn around the ankle. The museum has restored the discovered objects, and will be available for viewing from the 3rd of May in the museum.