Chauffeur stabs colleague during conflict

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During a conflict at the fruit-processing company Driscoll's on the Hazeldonk business park in Breda, a 36-year old Portuguese chauffeur stabbed his 40-year Spanish old colleague. 

The attacker killed the victim on the spot, and then ran away on foot. Police have cordoned off the area, and have initiated a large-scale manhunt.

Helicopters, dogs and cars are being used in the search parties. The Royal Military Police is also involved, as well as Belgian police cars.

Earlier, the police reported that the incident involves two Portuguese chauffeurs, and that they both work at Mooy Logistics, which is in the same building as Driscoll's.

Sources tell Omroep Brabant that the chauffeurs work for a Spanish transport company, which works with Driscoll's which the latter will not confirm.

The drivers' trucks are still parked at the offices, which leads police to think that the suspect escaped on foot.

"Sooner or later, we will catch him. His identity is known. We have a photo of his passport. This is what we send people on the path with. We have also issued a Burgernet message, and we have already received five serious tips from that", says spokesperson for the police, Jeroen Steenmeijer.

The Portuguese culprit is 36 years old, with short hair. He is wearing a red jacket and blue sweatpants. He is thin, around 1.75 meters tall, and wears glasses. He ran in the direction of Galder, but the search party has now spread, and a police helicopter is circling the center of Breda.