Deurne gatherings ban withdrawn

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Deurne's mayor Hiko Mak has reversed the ban on gatherings and demonstrations on Wednesday. The municipality states that the peace is starting to come back, and that the need for the measure is no longer present, Het Parool reports.

The decree was ordered last Sunday after youths demonstrated the temporary release of the jeweler husband (53) and wife (52), who were involved in the death of two burglars in their shop Goldies in Deurne on Friday.

The jeweler couple's lawyer said Wednesday that they are both highly disturbed by the incident, and need "urgent psychological help." The lawyer, Jan-Hein Kuijpers says the situation must first become entirely calm and stable before action is taken. "They are suspects but also victims."

Kuijpers is the jeweler couple's lawyer since Tuesday. He does not want to reveal too much about the case, such as who shot at the robbers.

The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) released the couple a day after the incident, which the lawyer finds a good decision. It looked like self defense at the time.

There is very little further information about the case. Kuijpers will not say where the couple is staying, nor does he know about any protection measures. The OM is also not speaking out about it.