Dutch hitch-hiker escapes murderer

A Dutch hitchhiker and a companion may have escaped a murderer in New Zealand. The pair of travelers had organized a ride with a man, who consequently attacked them. They managed to escape. 

Inspector of the police said they were lucky to escape. "If they hadn't gotten away so quick, we may have had something much worse to deal with", the inspector said, according to New Zealand media.

The man is suspected of murdering his 24-year old roommate. She was found in the trunk of his car on Sunday.

The two tourists managed to get away, but not without injuries. The 27-year old Dutch woman, who also has a Japanese passport, broke her pelvis. Her German friend (28) was stabbed three times in her neck. They are both in hospital.

"They are both doing well and were very helpful, just like the public", the police inspector said. Police officers were able to catch the 38-year old suspect over after a chase of more than 6 hours.