Burglars killed during jewelry store heist

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Two burglars were shot to death Friday evening by the wife of the owner of a jewelry store in Deurne they tried to rob. During the incident the owner also suffered a gunshot wound to his hand.

Police report that the robbers barged into the shop around 5.40pm and held up the owner Willy Sanders. Unbeknownst to them though, Willy's wife Marina saw the robbery unfold through security camera that were linked to the couple's house. Neighbors say Marina hopped in her car, drove to the store and lay serious siege to the men holding up her husband; they did not survive it. But police have not yet confirmed that it was indeed Marina who did the shooting; there are also reports that the fatal shots had been fired by a store clerk. It is also not clear yet who shot Marina's husband in the hand. He was rushed to a hospital while police cordoned off the area for their investigation that was expected to last till deep in the night. Neighbors characterize Willy Sanders as a man who does not easily flinch in a tough situation; that the robbers died trying to hit the store does not seem to come as a surprise. "These people will not give up their stuff easily. That's not in their nature," a neighbor said. It's not the first time their shop was targeted. In 2010 robbers already held them up, but they did not get anything then. This time they did, albeit lead. It was still thought strange that the criminals took aim at this particular jewelry store now. Roads in the area have been broken up, which would have proven challenging during their getaway.