Wilders to file a report for 'murder-film'

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Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV, is going to file a report against a film that appeared on the internet on Wednesday, which depicts a bloody fight between Wilders and Pim Fortuyn's murderer, Volkert van der G.

The film, from 'openomroep' on YouTube, shows a man with Wilders' face superimposed, engage in a bloody fight with another man who in this case is meant to be Van der G. Wilders is stabbed in his stomach, after which he turns on his opponent. It seems to be a scene from the horror movie The Hills Have Eyes, the Telegraaf reports.


The text "PEOPLE ARE FREEING VAN DE G, WRONG CHOICE" scrolls along the bottom of the clip. Wilders says it is "sick souls who make something like this." The combination of the images as well as the text is enough for him to report it, the ANP announces.

A majority of Parliament is supporting the release of Volkert van der G., while the PVV thinks it is unacceptable.

The video can be seen . Warning: graphic content.