Ex-student makes hate-site about teacher

An ex-student from the Hogeschool Windesheim in Zwolle has created a hate-website about his former teacher, in which he accuses the teacher of bullying and sadistic practices. He even calls the teacher a "sadistic narcissist." 

The school is going to take legal steps against the student, Nick, to get the website off the internet. "I put the site online more to get rid of my frustration", Nick said. "I never thought that it would explode like this."

"I talked about all the conflicts at school with a trusted person, who also saw this as bullying. When I wanted to issue a complaint, he backed off", Nick said. He promptly went to the director of education Hans de Clercq.

"He also thought that I had a point, but he only gave the teacher a warning. Why doesn't a man like that get fired!?" Nick says. "The school constantly gave me the feeling that I was on my own."

In the end, Nick snapped. He is now banned from campus, as he is seen as a risk to the safety.

In a clarification, the Board of Teachers at Windesheim announces that Nick is someone who they have been worried about for a while, and that he has been supervised at school for some time. The steps the institution is now taking, is to ensure the safety of the teacher as well as the school and the student himself.

Other students have made it clear on Twitter that they do not agree with Nick and his hate site, many of them saying that the teacher is "one of the best teaches I even had" or that he "was and is a boss!"