Protestors arrested at nuclear plant

In Petten, 28 protesters were arrested at a nuclear reactor on Tuesday. They were protesting nuclear power, and were going to block entry to the nuclear plant from several delegates from the Nuclear Security Summit, who were traveling to see the nuclear reactor. 

The demonstrators refused to leave, and were arrested by police.

"While politicians in The Hague talk about the reduction of nuclear material and resisting the spread of nuclear technology, in Amsterdam, CEO's from the most important nuclear power companies have made plans for further spreading the material and the technology", the organization Stop Nuclear Trade wrote in a press release.

In Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 30 people were also protesting on Monday, due to the Nuclear Industry Summit.

Most of these activists have been released now. Four of the 28 are still in custody because their identities have not yet been confirmed, the activists report on their website Indymedia.