Pregnancy discrimination common in NL

According to research, 45 percent of women have had a negative experience at work during their pregnancy. The Human Rights Council is calling on minister Asscher of Social Affairs and Employment to do something about this, the NOS reports. 

The research reveals that managers show little tolerance to pregnant employees. Some companies even take up a clause which states that a contract can be nullified if a woman becomes pregnant.

Pregnancy discrimination is illegal in the Netherlands, but the Council ruled on four cases on Tuesday, in which the women's contracts were not extended due to their pregnancies. Because it is illegal, the women were in the right.

Minister Asccher says he is supportive of the women. "I am assuming that the employers will just extend these women's contracts. The ruling is clear." The minister will announce new measures against discrimination in the workplace in May.

The minister also said that the government should set the example by not working with discriminating companies. "We must not do business with criminals, so we also shouldn't do business with companies who are being condemned of these kinds of punishable offenses" he said on Radio 1.