Mocked HGT contestant's invite to state banquet

The Chinese singer and PhD student Xiao Wang who appeared on Holland's Got Talent last year, only to be ridiculed to no end by judge Gordon, was invited by King Willem-Alexander to be present at the state banquet by honor of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

The Government Information Service (RVD) is only saying that Wang's presence was the result of "the national fame he has achieved", as well as his status as PhD from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Xiao Wang says he was "very honored" to receive the invite, and that it was very "encouraging." The RVD's refusal to share more information is understandable. The Royal House does not want to get itself involved in public debate, which was one of irate confusion.

The talent show mockery that bordered on racism on behalf of Gordon, as well as  caused outrage in the country. Wang was also at a loss for words when he was confronted on stage in front of a live studio audience by Gordon's hints at Wang's country of origin. He dismissed him as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant, asking if he was going to sing the "number 39 with rice."

"I believe that people in a multicultural society have to be careful not to insult each other", Wang has said.