State member PVV Utrecht quits

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Another member of the PVV has left the party in protest against the words uttered by party leader Geert Wilders on election night on Wednesday.

Henk Scherer will resign on Monday afternoon as member of the Provincial States representing the PVV in Utrecht. Scherer said that a "consideration of propriety and credibility" is what led him to make this decision.

Scherer is the latest in a steady flow of PVV members who have been leaving the party in protest the last few days. He has been part of Utrecht provincial governance, representing the PVV, for three years. He is resigning now because of Wilders'recent anti-Moroccan comments. "What happened there in the euphoria, I find extraordinarily unwise."

The politico was not going to sit back and let Wilders' comments run unchecked. "I did not come to the Party for Freedom to have my mouth wired shut. There comes a moment when you can't explain it anymore."

The politician is still in the 'statencommissie' for Mobility, Environment and Economy, as he says it isn't easy to find a replacement on such short notice, "but after that, the work for the PVV is over."