Obama in Amsterdam

US President Barack Obama arrived by helicopter at Museum Plein just after 9.00am this morning.

"Good morning sir, I love your country," he told Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans just 30 minutes before when his presidential aircraft Airforce One touched down  at Schiphol International Airport. Timmermans was at the airport to welcome Obama, together with US ambassador Timothy M. Broas. 

After a quick greeting, Obama boarded Marine One, the helicopter that took him to Museum Plein, where Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Amsterdam, mayor Eberhard van der Laan awaited to take him on a tour of Rijks Museum, where he was shown artwork that is on display. More than 100 people had also gathered at the square to catch a glimpse of the US President; the touchdown of his helicopter was described as "spectacular".

Obama shook the hands of several people, among whom some youngsters.