NRC paper, websites up for sale

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NRC Media is up for sale. Stockholder Lux Media in looking into sales opportunities for NRC, according to the chairman of the board of commissioners of NRC Media Holding, today.

In the past couple of years,, and the newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, have developed into prominent, high-quality newspapers in the Netherlands. The company gained a solid market position. NRC Handelsblad did not want to comment on the news. Lux Media is looking for a buyer who wants to continue on the current course and supports the strategy of the chief editors and management. Lux Media is part of Egeria investment company and owns 91 percent of the stocks; Derk Sauer owns the remaining 9 percent. Egeria has so far had some discussions with the Telegraaf Media Group and a German media company, but without any results.


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