IKEA recalls children's bed canopies: strangulation risk

IKEA's children's bed canopies are a strangulation risk, the home warehouse has announced. The company has been forced to announce a recall on any canopies sold since 1996.  Babies and young children get caught in the canopies and accidentally strangle themselves. People who have bought these fabric canopies and have them in their homes should not be used anymore, IKEA announces in advertisements in newspapers. Since 2008, IKEA has received 11 reports of children who became entangled in the canopies. Two of these reports came from the Netherlands. After the first report, installation instructions were improved, but after two more reports this year, a recall action was decided. The reported incidents involved the fabric of the canopy getting wrapped around the child's neck. IKEA says that no children received lasting injuries. People with children's bed canopies from IKEA can return these to the shop, and can get their money back. The canopies have been selling since 1996 under various names: Klämmig, Legendarisk, Minnen, Barnslig Boll, Minnen Brodyr, Himmel, Fabler and Tissla.

The canopies look a bit like mosquito nets, but with decoration. They come in various colors and prints. The recall action is happening in all countries where the bed canopies are sold.