Wilders unyielding in opinion on Moroccans

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PVV-leader is steadfast behind the controversial comment he made about the entire Moroccan population on the campaign trail in The Hague, Wednesday. 

Wilders said it's "too crazy for words" that he can't openly express his opinion about Moroccans, he said today on RTLZ.

This statement comes in reaction to the furor he caused when he said that The Hague should become "a city with less problems, and if possible less Moroccans." The comment makes it plain that Wilders has now broadened his feelings of aversion from the religion Islam to the populace of an entire country.

The comment, and Wilders' sudden focus on local politics in The Hague, coincides with the execution and release of a survey from TNS Nipo that reveals a big drop in local support for municipal council elections.

The incident has stirred a mass of objection, from politicians as well as citizens. PvdA member Hans Spekman said today that the comment made him physically unwell.

Wilders' reaction to this is that it would be "a nice reason to pull on a clean sweater."

Wilders emphasized his thoughts on the population of Morocco by repeating the opinion in the RTLZ interview. He said that Moroccans are badly represented in statistics about crime and benefits. According to him, this "Moroccan riffraff" should get out of the country.