Big drop in Hague PVV support

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In the latest survey, it seems that the PVV has lost support in The Hague for municipal council elections. If elections were held today, then the party would only take seven seats according to TNS Nipo. That's one less than in 2010. 

In previous surveys, the PVV were neck and neck with the PvdA in The Hague. Wilders' party was still going strong with ten seats. Despite outrage over expensive trips taken by aldermen, and support for the controversial culture palace (cultuurpaleis), the PvdA seems to be recovering.

The social democrats even have a chance of being big once more with seven to eight seats. The D66 is also a contender. Survey says, the party swings between six and seven seats.

ChristenUnie/SGP and the new party from ex-PVV member Richard de Mos look like they are profiting the most from PVV's losses. Both are winning one seat in comparison with the last survey. The parties are each coming up with three seats.

The PVV is struggling, then. A slow start to the campaign. Frontrunner Léon de Jong does make himself present at election debates, but is absent on the streets. Only after the field work conducted for the survey from TNS Nipo did the PVV members for The Hague venture into town for the first time to campaign.

The local MPs have this week started receiving help from their national leader Wilders.

What is the reason for this reduction in confidence? Wilders made the choice to voice controversial opinions in public. On the campaign trail in The Hague on Wednesday, he said that the people are voting for "a city with less problems and, if possible less Moroccans."