Red Light trafficking investigations ramp up

Anti-human trafficking groups will spend the next three years tackling occurrences such as exploitation at work and hazards in the world of prostitution, according to an announcement by minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice). 

The so-called Task Force Human Trafficking is going to broaden and strengthen the fight against human trafficking in the coming years by seeing how (youth)care and criminal law can be better applied to become involved in the management of human trafficking and loverboys.

According to minister Opstelten, the last few years has seen an improvement in the situation. Improved conduct enforced by the human trafficking group has helped bring about this improvement. The police is working closely with the Department of Justice as well as municipalities and companies in the hotel sector,  agriculture and horticulture.

The Immigration and Naturalization service IND started training employees this week. They are being taught how to deal with potential encounters with victims as well as offenders of human trafficking.

Practical information and instructions will become available for municipalities, with which they can learn to pick up any signals that point to possible sexual exploitation, coerced begging or forced labor.

Opstelten also wants to work together with Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary to stave off the organized gangs that are involved in human trafficking.