Police SMS blast seeks clues in clinic director's murder

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The police have been blowing up peoples' phones with texts asking for more information on the murder of GGZ  manager Rob Zweekhorst from Berkel en Rodenrijs. 

RTV Rijnmond announced that around 1300 people who were, according to information from telecom providers, in the area at the time that the 44-year old director was murdered, have received an SMS.

It is still a mystery why Rob Zweekhorst was shot on new year's eve while walking his dog on the Dokkumerstraat in his neighborhood.

The psychiatric clinic manager was a happily married man, successful, and avoided conflict as far as it's known.

The police received several tips as a result of the transmission from Opsporing Verzocht, but the 'golden tip' never came in.

There are still many unanswered questions, which left police to ask the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) for permission for the phone numbers.

The police still don't have a suspect, nor a motive, and need all the help they can get from eye witnesses to put an end to this murder mystery.