Divers search pond near Els Borst home

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Divers of the Royal Navy and police are currently scouring for clues on the floor of a pond in Heide Park near the house of former Minister of State Els Park.

Navy diving team commander Eddy Jolkink said his divers are searching for “a metal object that is not large.” Neither he nor a police spokesman were willing to give more details about what it is they are hoping to find, but they hinted that the divers would be thorough. They were expected to be there until about 8.00pm. Els Borst (81) a retired D66 politician and former Minister of State, was found dead in her home on February 10 by a friend who was concerned after she uncharacteristically missed some events without cancellation. Forensic detectives quickly ruled her death to have likely been the result of a crime, but the investigation stalled since and no suspect has been identified. Last week her hairdresser told Telegraaf that just a few days before she died she was visited at her home by an unknown, seemingly delusional man.