Buma: CDA and PVV, never again

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The CDA is adamant that a coalition with the PVV will never happen again.  CDA-leader Sybrand Buma said this on the tv-programme Jinek, Sunday. PVV-leader Geert Wilders said on Sunday in an interview with nu,nl that he expects to finally be the biggest party in the country, and would form a coalition.

Buma maintains that the CDA would not be on the list of volunteers. He referred back to an earlier coalition between the two parties, when Wilders's party supported a cabinet of VVD and CDA. According to Buma, Wilders walked away when difficult decisions had to be made. "With me, you don't have to approach this. We don't want to exclude any parties, but trust is the basis of politics." The CDA-leader is also unconvinced that the PVV will suddenly become the biggest party. Wilders must first get his own party in order, Buma said, because there is still dispute, the Telegraaf reports. On Sunday, Wilders said that the parties who now claim to be at odds with him do actually want to work together in a cabinet, because they are all power parties who "would sell their mother-in-law to get into power."