Bleach incident kills one, injures other

A Rotterdam-Feyenoord fire department truck (AlfvanBeem/Wikimedia). (A Rotterdam-Feyenoord fire department truck (AlfvanBeem/Wikimedia))

A man was found dead in a home in Almere on Sunday, another person was severely injured. It seems that they became unwell due to chlorine fumes from a cleaning product. 

The fire department is considering that the two ingested some of the substance. Vomit was found inside the home as well.

The injured person was brought to hospital. The hospital staff attending him complained of irritation to their eyes and mucous membranes. This is probably due to residual chlorine fumes clinging to the victim's clothes, a police spokesperson said.

The Flevoziekenhuis hospital and the clothing of staff have been disinfected, and the wounded person is out of critical condition. It is unclear if it is a man or a woman.

The victims' neighbors have left their homes as a precaution. The fire department has done readings in the home on the Kaneelstraat, but there was no more threat of poisonous substances.