Air crash passengers with fake passports headed for Amsterdam

Malaysia Airlines
A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in Perth, Australia (Wikimedia/Darren Koch)A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (Wikimedia/Darren Koch)

If the story isn't mysterious enough already, new developments around the false passports of passengers in the missing Malaysia Airlines flight should cause for more intrigue.

It appears that the two passengers bought their tickets together, which were bound from Beijing on to Amsterdam.

Ten hours after landing in Beijing, the duo would be traveling on to Schiphol airport. The two, who traveled under Austrian and Italian identities, traveled together. The tickets were bought at China Southern Airlines for the same price.

After reaching Schiphol, the two would separate and travel to different European destinations. The man with the Italian passport would go to Copenhagen, and the one with an Austrian passport to Frankfurt.

The passport of Luigi Maraldi, Italian,  was stolen in August in Thailand. Although Maraldi's name was on the passenger list traveling to Beijing and Amsterdam, the real Maraldi is still in Thailand.

Christian Kozel from Austria also had his passport stolen in Thailand. It is possible that there were more passengers on the flight traveling with stolen passports. The identities of four people are being investigated, the Telegraaf reports.

Malaysian authorities, with support from the American FBI, are investigating the pair, as well as two other individuals who checked in under false identities.

A Chinese passenger, Zhai Qiwei, is also suspected of having a stolen identity. His passport number matches the one of a man named Yu. Yu did not, however, lost his passport.

Another five passengers checked in for the flight, but never came on board in Kuala Lumpur. Their baggage was taken off the plane, but it is not clear why the passengers never boarded the flight.

Amidst all these strange tidbits, most mysterious of this Malaysia Airlines flight is that it seemed to have made a u-turn right before it disappeared from the radar. The flight is still lost without a trace.

The company has told family members of missing passengers that they fear the worst. There is no indication of possible terrorist activity, but this is speculated by various media sources.