No help for gay-bashing target after five years

A 27-year old gay man from Amersfoort took to Facebook to cry for help when he was bullied out of his neighborhood, Liendert.

The municipality brought him to a temporary safe place, but can't find another solution which means the man must go back to the neighborhood. The mayor and alderman have expressed their disgust over the matter.

The gay man in his twenties bought an apartment in Arendshorst in the Liendert neighborhood five years ago. It wasn't long before "certain people" made it difficult for him.

The victim posted on his Facebook page that the situation became worse at the end of 2012.

"Crawling through the corridor of my apartment to get home safely. That's what I did the last few years to make sure that the neighbors didn't know which apartment I live in. On a daily basis I encounter (death) threats, throwing stones, puncturing my car's tires, shattering car windows, pushing into bushes, cursing up to the corridor door", is how his cry for help started.

The man from Amersfoort claimed not to have been able to walk on the street or let the dog out and called the police and the municipality. The latter didn't react initially, he claims. Eventually they did, and found his situation so harrowing and unsafe that he received different living space in August 2013.

The young homosexual has now been there half a year, and was wrong in thinking that he could stay there. He now has to go back to his old neighborhood, he says. Next moth, his lease expires.

Selling his apartment isn't an option, he says, because he would be stuck with debts. "I have to sell my house to keep my life safe. And then I still get punished for my orientation", he writes.

The man is asking Facebook users to share his story, and thereby help him show the municipality its responsibility. The message has been shared almost 6000 times.

The mayor and alderman in Amersfoort expressed their disgust about the incidents in a public letter to the council, and is brining the matter to the attention of the council members.

According to alderman of Itegration Cees van Eijk, who saw the Facebook message yesterday and spoke to him afterwards, Amersfoort residents aren't accepting what the 20-year old homosexual has been through. He wrote this on Twitter.

The Amersfoort municipality says that the relocation of the 20-year old gay man was meant as a 'temporary solution' in the interest of peace and safety. "A new perspective is being sought" a spokesperson tells the AD.