Journalist arrested at crime scene, 1 dead

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A press photographer was arrested on the Lobelius street in Zaandam, in the night of Sunday March 2 to Monday March 3, after he refused to move away from a crime scene, when so instructed by the police. The photographer arrived at the scene shortly after police received the call and was standing in close proximity of the victim along with several other bystanders, taking pictures of the crime scene.

The police wanted to secure the crime scene for evidence conservation and forensic experts and ordered everybody to step back behind the barrier tape. However, even after several orders the photographer refused to comply. He was arrested , but was released from the station after giving his statement. Journalists may film and take pictures in public spaces and on the road. A special police press card allows them within the barrier tape, but only at the discretion of the officer in charge, and as long as they don't hinder the investigation. The victim in question was found wounded in a car around 21:45. CPR was unsuccessful and he died from his injuries on the scene. Police suspect he was stabbed earlier during an argument on the Rietschoot in Oostzaan earlier. A 38-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man were arrested as suspects. Police call on anyone who may have seen anything about this case from Sunday evening on the Rietschoot in Oostzaan or the Lobelius street in Zaandam, to call 0900-8844 (local charge).