Asscher wants Gov't to shun companies that discriminate

Social Affairs Minister Lodewijck Asscher has said that Government should not do business with companies that discriminate.

Asscher told Moslim Omroep radio station today that he considers discrimination a monster with many heads. “We should attack every time its heads roar,” he said during an interview in the program MO Actueel.

He said it behooves Government to give the right example, which is why he will research if it is possible for Government to add a stipulation in contracts that says that companies shall not discriminate. When a company does not abide, contracts should be terminated. The minister also wants to cooperate with companies about how to take action against discrimination in the labor market.

The interview with MO Actueel was in reaction to the that was filed by a young Muslim woman against an employment agency that didn’t want to hire her because she wanted to wear a hijab. Asscher said he was happy that the young woman, Leila Kallal from Zeeland, had filed the complaint.

“The only way to fight discrimination is to be on top of it. Always file a complaint if you suspect discrimination. It is too important a subject to not address,” he said. He said he would also file complaint at the police against every discrimination case he encounters.

His statement comes just days after the Prosecutor's Office of east Netherlands announced that it was against a man in Arnhem about whom it became known that one of his reasons for not hiring a teen was that the teen was a “dark skinned Negro.” The case goes to court in the summer.