Man owing €280k arrested at Schiphol

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The Royal Military Police (RMP) of the border patrol apprehended a 51-year-old Dutch man Tuesday on Schiphol, when he tried to leave the country for North Africa. Upon checking his passport the RMP discovered he was wanted for acquiring unlawful benefits adding up to more than €279,000. The suspect may be detained up to 540 days if he can't or won't pay his dues.

The suspect, who has lived abroad since 1999, was also marked for confiscation of his Dutch passport. The RMP's also arrested a 52-year-old Brit for a similar crime, who had unpaid fines up to €23,000. The Brit may be detained up to 240 days. Both men were detained, because they couldn't or wouldn't pay the fines. The detention does not acquit them of the obligation to pay, however.