Execution in Huijbergen

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A 37-year old man has died from his wounds after being found in the driveway of a home in Huijbergen on Saturday.

The man, of Lithuanian nationality, was found in the driveway of a home on the Groenendries in Huijbergen in Brabant with serious wounds. He was brought to hospital in Antwerpen with a trauma helicopter, but died later in the night.

He is thought to have become the victim of a settlement of a score. According to one of the neighbors, the man was shot in the head on his property.

The man is believed to have been shot with a gun with a silencer. The neighbors are shocked by the incident.

Two men are being sought, who have been signaled at the home earlier last week. The police have been investigating the area for a while.

Police spokesperson A Don confirms that a crime took place, and is looking for eye witnesses who have seen something suspicious along the Groenendries.