Amsterdam votes on Nelson Mandela Square

The municipality is asking residents of Amsterdam to vote on where they would like to see the new Nelson Mandela Square, Street or Park. 

Five locations have been specified for the new park or square dedicated to Nelson Madela, and can be voted for online. Bijlmerpark, Hoekenrode, Kop Java, Sausalitolaan (Overhoeks) and Stadspark Osdorp are the choices. One of these places will be newly named after the South African freedom fighter. Voters have until the 27th of March 2014 to make their voices count.

The South African luminary affectionately known as Madiba passed away in December of last year. The municipality of Amsterdam claims a special bond exists between Mandela and the city as he visited Amsterdam several times, and even received a gold medal of the city of Amsterdam on his tour of departure from Presidency in 1999.