Benno L. may stay in Leiden

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Sex offender Benno L. will stay in Leiden, concluded mayor Lenferink after consultation with police, public prosecution, and Probation Netherlands. L. is not allowed any contact with children in Leiden. The mayor is convincedis a responsible choice, which will not pose a safety threat to the residents.

'Monitored integration is better than isolation,' states the mayor. Volunteers will keep in touch with the former swim coach and accompany him during activities outside his home. On trips outside Leiden L. will first discuss his route with his probation officer. L. feels supported by City and probation agency, according to his lawyer, who feels repeatedly moving is not an option. The convicted sex offender is confident he will be safe in Leiden. School boards and institutions for mentally disabled are supported and helped by the City in providing information. The City declared a ban on gatherings for about half the Fortuin neighborhood, Saturday, after people found out Benno L. moved to Leiden. in front of his apartment demanded he move before today.