Kiss-in set to protest AH in Utrecht

There will be a kiss-in at the Amsterdamsestraatweg Utrecht branch of Albert Hijn to protest last week's anti-lesbian-PDA incident. 

Last week, on Valentine's Day, two women gave each other a kiss. A security officer promptly informed them that this was unacceptable, as he thought it was embarrassing.

The women left the supermarket feeling offended. Since the incident, Albert Heijn has apologized. A massive Facebook commotion has led to a spontaneous agreement to a mass kiss-fest in the shop.

More than fifty people have agreed to join in the festivities. Around one hundred Facebook members have yet to RSVP.

The event's Facebook Page 'Liefde in de Albert Heijn' (Love in the AH), writes that "Love and showing affection is not embarrassing and tonight we will show that to the AH concerned."

The point is to have as many men and women, gay or straight, kiss each other. This way a "chain of love" will be created. Albert Heijn is not too happy with the action, but will offer cooperation and has decided to make a party of the protest.