"Wilders slept with his spokeswoman"

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PVV leader Geert Wilders is a control freak and power hungry, sex crazed authoritarian narcissist who slept with one of his spokespeople, a former fellow party member has claimed.


The anonymous ex-Second Chamber member says in a seven page article in HP/de Tijd that she herself once revered Wilders as somewhat of a pop idol and liberator. These days however she compares the party to a sect, led by Wilders, the charismatic leader who does not tolerate opposition. “PVV is Geert Wilders. Nobody stands up against him,” she said, relating how lower ranking employees of the party held him in high regards. “They have pictures of his on their desks, with those of their children. And they are happy when he gives them the slightest bit of attention.”

She mentions especially two female party members who “fought out a bitter competition” for his attention. “(They) looked like they were in love with Geert, doting on him,” she said claiming that Wilders responded opportunistically.

“During foreign trips he would request that female employees join him at the pool in bikinis. And after a trip he made I would receive bikini pictures of one of the spokeswomen.” She characterized the woman in question as a lonely, labile person; a typical sect member who idolizes Wilders. “She was young, beautiful and always traveling with Wilders. What they did together often is the topic of rumors.  She had a wild admiration for him and he wielded his power over her.”

And apparently it went even further. “When I was in the Chamber, people had sex on my desk. I found out about it later. I found it menacing.”