Holiday? Celebrate? Not for the Dutch!

Road Trip! in Rotterdam
Undated photo from Rotterdam where bikes are secured to the top of a Volkswagen camper Wouter Duijndam / Wikimedia

Dutch have the fewest celebration- and holiday days in West Europe, consultancy bureau Mercer reveals. 

The Netherlands makes a pitiful show, as it comes out at the bottom of the list with a total of 28 vacation days per year.

The last position of the Netherlands comes because the country only has eight national holidays. This is the fewest in West Europe, the investigation by Mercer of 14 countries has shown. This appeared in De Telegraaf.

Finnish people have the most holidays (15), followed by Greece (12). Denmark, Sweden and Italy count 11 each. In the UK, workers have the most legally imposed vacation days (28), followed by Finland, Sweden, denmark and Luxembourg with 25 days.

It has also appeared that many ventures ask for compensation from their employees as a result of the crisis. "Something similar can also happen with vacation- or national holidays. Portugal has decided to scrap four holidays until 2018 to withstand the crisis" a spokesperson for the consultancy bureau has said.