Philips employees threatened over weed lamps

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Philips recently stopped providing grow lights to marijuana farmers, now its employees are receiving daily threats from a big consumer.  This will be revealed Sunday night on the KRO-programme Brandpunt.

Philips has knowingly earned millions with the sale of grow lights to marijuana farmers, which is not illegal. Upcoming legislation will take measures to change this. The electronics company allegedly delivered the lamps via a middle man, so there would be no direct contact with the marijuana farmers. Philips writes in a reaction to the programme that the company is aware of its lamps and components being used for marijuana cultivation. According to the company, a decision was made 2 years ago to stop delivering to businesses who supply to the marijuana industry. Despite this decision, one big consumer managed to get his hands on a large quantity of grow lamps through threats and intimidation. Philips stated "we would deliver one more batch on the condition that the consumer would stop harassing our employees. "Contrary to the agreements, we are still being harassed, intimidated and threatened almost daily, by the consumer, via mail, at our buildings and even at the home addresses of Philips-employees, to keep delivering lamps."