Week in review: January 25-31

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The round-up of some of this week's most noteworthy events and news stories features the debate around switching off freeway lights, the Netherlands having the fastest internet in Europe, three Dutch arrested in UAE for espionage, the Dutch army using by NSA encrypted phones, 1,200 kg heroin discovered in tomato paste, police hunting a missing man, Polare bookstores closing because of money problems, and an Amsterdam alderman who got beat protecting women on a tram. Switching off the lights on freeways is supposed to save 0.6 million euros per year, but it costs around 2 million a year to turn on sections of lights in case of emergency or maintenance.

The Netherlands surpassed Switzerland when it comes to internet speed, according to Akamai's State of the Internet, and now has the fastest Internet in Europe. Three Dutch plane spotters were arrested in the UAE for suspicion of espionage. They presumably accidentally took pictures in restricted areas. Up to a few years ago the Dutch army used secured phones that were encrypted by the NSA and sold by Philips. Customs officers found 1,200 kg heroin in cans that were supposed to contain tomato paste, with the help of a sniffer dog. The goods were found in two trucks in Venlo. Police are looking for 50-year-old Henk Vierwind who is missing. Vierwind and his girlfriend were staying somewhere in the Veluwe because of threats. The police suspect a crime. Polare bookstores temporarily closed its stores for a strategic reorganization. The store suffered an unforeseen loss in book sales. Politician Pieter Hilhorst received a blow to the head when he tried to protect two women from racist remarks. Check out NL Times for the rest of the news and stories this week.


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