Hague alderman could get prison

The Hague City Council member, Arnoud van Doorn (Partij van de Eenheid) is facing 6 month imprisonment with 2 months probation for selling weed to minors, leaking confidential information, and possession of a weapon. Van Doorn gave his access card to the City Council to a journalist of AD/Haagse Courant, who in turn stole confidential information.

Police reportedly also found an alarm pistol under his bed. The journalist stole information about the possible acquisition of the World Forum (the former congressional center) by the City of The Hague for 25 million euros and wrote an article about it. The Prosecution is also prosecuting the journalist, because he should've acquired the documents in an honest way instead of stealing them, no matter the fact that he had an access card. 'He stole the documents himself, that is different from somebody handing him the documents,' said a spokesperson for the prosecution, who went on to say: 'We know special circumstances can apply to journalists, but stealing was not necessary in this case.' Van Doorn admitted to giving the journalist the access card, because he felt the plans no longer needed to be kept from the Hague citizens.