Justice dept. says no to legalized marijuana production

35 mayors signed a "weed manifest Joint Regulation" earlier Friday, in Utrecht, reported press agency Novum. The mayors plead for regulated growing of weed.

The mayors aim to regulate the growing of weed because they worry about the health of cannabis users, the safety in neighborhoods, and organized crime as a result of illegal weed nurseries.

Smokers High Life (flickr)

According to the manifest, regulating the growing of weed would be the solution to these problems.

In response to the "weed manifest" Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice decided to visit mayors all over the country to convince them to drop the manifest. The Minister condemns the manifest, because 'regulation can not and will not solve the problem.' 'We agree that crime and nuisance have to be fought, but we disagree on the right instrument,' said Opstelten.

Opstelten claims to be supported in his opinion by professionals in the police department and the Public Prosecution. The Minister pointed out that 80 percent or more of the weed, grown in the Netherlands, is exported abroad so regulation would not make much of a difference, and he needs to consider international coöperation with the Germans, the French, and the British.

Apparently Opstelten's opinion is not shared by VVD party member Frits Bolkestein, who is an advocate of the weed regulation, and was also invited to the "weed conference."