Foreign students "crazy" about Amsterdam

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On Wednesday, hundred of foreign students were arrived in Amsterdam, the Parool reports.

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They come from all over the world - São Paulo, Berlin, Singapore - to study and enjoy a life in Amsterdam. They are crazy about Amsterdam and say it is a great city.

"I chose Amsterdam because of the language," Brazilian Leticia Boin said. "Everyone speaks English here."

Boin is studying development studies at the University of Amsterdam.

"I chose Amsterdam because it seemed exotic," according to Esther Ng, a business student from Singapore.

The Netherlands is an attractive place for international students, but the shortage of suitable rooms and rental apartments is becoming a huge problem. In 2013, the total shortage of rooms was about 32.000 student rooms, according to Eurogates website.

To find an accommodation in the Netherlands, students are recommended to visit different websites and join a fraternity. Dutch online portal Kamers a good option to start search for a room.

More than 80,000 students in the Netherlands come from outside of the country. But many students leave the Netherlands after graduating, either due to the difficulties in finding work, or immigration and work visa problems. The Dutch government joined industry, organisations, and educational institutions to increase efforts to help more international students remain in the country after graduating.